Object Desk

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The It And The Other

Installation shots from The It And The Other at Galerie Renner Prinz, Vienna.

 Consider an object. Call what is not the object "other". Add to the object, from the "other", another object, to form a new object and a new "other". Repeat until there is no more "other". Take a part from the object and add it to the "other", to form a new object and a new "other". Repeat until there is no more object

Two Exercises, George Brecht, 1961

  1. Consider two positions: let one be called “The It”, and the other called “The Other”.
  2. Consider a third position between “The It” and “The Other”, let this be called “And”.
  3. Let the content of “The It” and “The Other” be unfixed and prone to shift back and forth through “And”.
  4. Let “The It” and “The Other” be unable to interact directly; in fact they should not even imagine each other.
  5. Let “And” provide a space for "The It" and "The Other" to think about this inability to comprehend.
  6. Although “And” should be considered the main area of significance, it should be noted that without the presence of    “The It” and “The Other”, “And” would be unable to exist.
The It And The Other, Kit Craig, 2012

Nine Men's Morris

An Object Of Significance, 2011

Nine Men's Morris, installation view, Maria Grazia Del Prete, Rome, 2011

Nine Men's Morris (1-9), 2011 

The Pseudo Dimension

The Table Top Explanation

The Table Top Explanation
turned wood, wood, steel, mdf, perspex, glass, pencil on paper

Self Portrait With Two Circles

Self Portrait with Two Circles

installation shot, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester 

Self Portrait With Two Circles (to be approached as a key)

An Observers Influence

The Bracketed Space

An Objective Subjective (background)
An Orthogonal Equivalence (foreground)

The Anticipated Form